French Clements

Facts! About French Clements

French and Jesus Ready to Tear It Up

Me and my onetime Little Brother, Jesús, before the 25-mile version of the 2009 Rodman Ride. He finished strong!

Hi, I’m French! I’m committed to deepening the integration of cultural practice—whether biking, performing, teaching, or writing—into urban environments. For three years, I managed the business development and operations for GLS Landscape/Architecture, a twelve-person firm in San Francisco’s Mission District. I’ve written about biking-related issues and the arts for the SF Weekly, I wrote about film for the alt-weeklies of Village Voice Media, and did reviews and profiles for Dance Magazine. I’m on the screening jury for the Telluride Film Festival, which is crazy fun.

Having taught ballet at Boston Ballet School, Tufts University, and Harvard University, I was a co-founder and former co-director of the Children’s Center for Dance, a thriving studio located in the San Francisco’s Presidio area. I was the managing director for Zaccho Dance Theatre, the pioneering site-specific dance company based in the Bayview District. Before that I was the press representative for Jacob’s Pillow, the longest-running dance festival in America. Prior to working at GLS, I worked with San Francisco Beautiful on the SF rollout of Play Streets, a program that makes it cheaper and easier for residents of underserved neighborhoods to get block-party permits and close their streets to cars.

As a choreographer, I developed and showed work in the US and abroad: in Spain with the Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos; in Italy as part of an internship at Venice’s Peggy Guggenheim Collection; and in Massachusetts for a commissioned performance at the opening gala of the 2009 Berkshire Fringe Festival, at which I also performed. I was a company member of BalletRox in Boston. I was a 2008 fellow of the NEA’s Institute for Dance Criticism, held at the American Dance Festival, on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. I also founded and curated Rough Nights, a performance series held in small venues in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I grew up in San Jose, trained at San Francisco Ballet School and graduated from Fordham University in 2003 with a BFA in dance.

I enjoy adventures large and small. And I welcome contact: french.clements at

  1. […] and it’s a monthly series of events that’s been happening for a while, now curated by French Clements.  As the February line-up emerged, it took the shape of a mini dance film festival, with 11 short […]

  2. Where exactly did you get the concepts to post ““Facts!
    About French Clements | Walk Around Time”? Thanks a lot -Samira

    • Hello “Samira”!

      Thanks for taking the time to express interest in my life. Your question is both impossible to resolve conclusively and very simple. See, I made all this stuff happen, and I want to tell you about it. This was my “concept” for a “post.” But…jeeze…how does anyone decide what to include in a bio? Why do we write about our achievements and not our failings? Our facts and not our feelings? I could talk about the dumb/cool stuff I did when I was a kid, or how I haven’t quite found my calling as a creative type, or why I trim my leg hair on the regular. None of that makes the cut. Buy me a drink and we’ll try to figure out why not. (I’m guessing my ego is a good place to start, as are strait-laced employers to come.) So for now I’m sticking with the time-honored rundown of accomplishments listed impartially and in reverse chronological order.

      …well, shit, now you’ve got me itchy for some other bio-format. Just spitballing here (stay with me, young spambot); how about these:

      Acrostic limericks based on the names of my childhood pets (vertically) and on the stuff I was going through while my family had the pets (horizontally).

      Crossword clues that only I know the answer to, you fill in your guesses. (Hint: the answers are all food.)

      Using a very sharp and delicate blade, I cut summary phrases into seasoned strips of meat, throw ’em on the BBQ and upload shots of me eating descriptions of me, with me-juice dripping down my chin.

      Ooh, the meat one! Pretend I did that.

      Anyway, thanks for the shout-out. Hit me up, we’ll go to Shotwell’s.


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